Residency Program

THE HEAT – Project Heating

Directed and produced by Sekoia & LAVACURA

THE HEAT will be and is now a space for and for warmth and welcome. Regardless of their duration, size or action, artistic projects need a moment of unification of their teams and exploration, experimentation of methodologies of being and being collective, whether at a moment of elaboration of an artistic object, an application for support. or, reflection before the beginning (and after) of a given creative process.

In the north of the country, there is clearly a need for new spaces that somehow recognize themselves as spaces for artistic residencies. From this gap, respecting other existing organisms, arises the desire to test, think, and (re) build together a place where other formats or existing formats to reside, resist, restructure. With the awareness and previous experience of other places, we see THE HEAT as an active and effective power that it proposes and provides moments of reflective meeting and preparation of projects focusing on the cultural, political and social areas with a strong artistic nature. Thus, being able to work on concepts, prepare materials and develop strategies in a serene, immersed and receding way of the continuous tingling of the city.

These meetings will take place at Quinta do Paço, a space of about two and a half hectares in the rich agricultural land of Vila Meã (municipality of Amarante) with a past not only linked to the agricultural exploitation of the vast fields of production of vegetables, fruits, and vineyards. but equally strongly related to the arts and literature.

One of the main figures who lived and lived in this inspiring and bucolic environment was the renowned and well-known writer Agustina Bessa-Luís, who was vacationing in this property, which belonged to her aunts, and where the writing of the book “The Sibyl” was inspired and based. , among others. Besides this particularity, something also curious is the figure of Zé do Telhado, the legendary Portuguese Robin Hood who will have stayed a few nights on the farm during the course of his adventures.

More than the past, and not forgetting it all, Quinta do Paço revises itself in updating its ecosystem and surroundings, with a strong vision around proposals for a future of community and sustainability, in the continuation of the writing of ( your story.

ALIVE: a durational lucid opera, with by for Justin Kennedy, Emma Howes & many more
Viaduto, by Renan Martins de Oliveira