Unsettling Green

‘Unsettling Green’ it’s a short video dance. Easily, it can even be misunderstood and incorrectly compared to a music video clip because of it’s length and composition.
It’s an experimental work between dance, choreography and video art, where a men and a woman represent the norm on the constant, anxious and unsettle visuals changings of the video.
This work has traces from the psycadelic voyage of the fast routine burning lifestyles we live in. To optimize the message of this video, the lyrics of the selected song “Down By The Water” by The Drums, accompanies this video dance under its melancholy dressing.

To visualize the video dance email to production@sekoia.pt

Creation & Direction: Gustavo Monteiro & Francisco Moreira
Co-created with: Francesca Perrucci
Performed by: Francesca Perrucci & Chris Santa Maria
Camera, Photography Director & Edition: Francisco Moreira
Music: “Down By The Water” by The Drums
Production: Sekoia

November 24th | Movimiento en Movimiento – 6º Festival Internacional de Danza para la Pantalla | Mexico City, Mexico
October 3rd | Quinzena de Dança de Almada – Festival Internacional de Dança | Lisbon, Portugal
August 22nd to 29th | Dance Bridges Festival | Kolkata,India

December 18th | Rollout Dance Film Festival 2016 | Macau, China