Velvet Carpet

Velvet Carpet is a durational object that exists in a state of constant reconfiguration. It is the beginning and the end, one time and again, weaving and changing and repeating and changing and repeating. It is a place that loses and gains its origin while detaching from it to achieve reconciliation. It is a place of reunion and communion, conscious and unconscious, shared by strangers and non-strangers; a non-communicational node of that, paradoxically, communicates through (in)visible elements. By means of sound frequencies, body movements and video, Velvet Carpet entwines past and future with the here and now, transforming itself in a floating landscape that reveals the immaterial matter that surrounds us – the ethereal – through frequencies that reverberate on the audience.

Vibrant Matter
— Open Practice
Vibrant Matter will be an open morning practice based on the fundamental principals and on the artistic process of Pedro Prazeres’ new piece, Velvet Carpet. Alongside with Julen Barrenengoa, we aim to share the practice with anyone who wishes to develop and experience different possibilities of relation. One will become more aware of inner rhythms, external rhythms and different frequencies of vibration, using one’s many senses in various ways. We will merge the notions of “non-place” and “in-betweenness” towards a dance. We will use our body as the main tool, but not only. A wicked common space-time grasped by encounters with the other, surrounding environment and ourselves, opening up communication in empathy.

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Artistic direction: Pedro Prazeres
Performed by: Julen Barrenengoa, Pedro Prazeres, Jorge Queijo, Sofia Marques Ferreira, Carolina Martins
Sound composition: Jorge Queijo
Video-installation: Sofia Marques Ferreira
Text composition: Carolina Martins
Projection: Martins Ratniks
External eye: Berrak Yedek e Fabrice Ramalingom
Technical direction: Bruno Santos
With the support of: Câmara Municipal do Porto (Criatório), Fundação GDA
Production: Sekoia – Artes Performativas
Production manager: Carolina Martins
Production support: Maus Hábito (PT) Heurtebise (PT) Companhia Instável (PT), Borboletas (FR)
Artistic residencies: Espaço Mira (PT), Armazém 22 (PT), EIRA (PT), gnaration (PT), Centro Cultural do Cartaxo (PT) Companhia Instável (PT), ICI Centro Coreográfico Nacional de Montpellier / Christian Rizzo (FR)
Duration: 45 mins
Age: M/16


June 7th,  Showing at Theatro Circo
June 6th, Showing at Teatro Aveirense
March 28th, Premiere at Festival Vivarium, at Atneu Comercial do Porto at 7 p.m.
February 25th to March 1st, Artistic residency at ICI- centre Chorégraphie National de Montpellier / Christian Rizzo
January 7th to 13th, Artistic residency at Armazém 22
December 4th to 7th, Artistic residency at Centro Cultural do Cartaxo
November 10th, Showing of “Velvet Carpet_LITE” at Palcos Instáveis / Teatro Municipal do Campo Alegre (Porto)
September 24th to 28th, Artistic residency at gnration (Braga)
August 6th to 10th, Artistic residency at EIRA (Lisbon)
June 28th, Open rehearsal at Espaço Mira (Porto), 7:30 p.m.
June 18th to 22nd, Artistic residency at Espaço Mira (Porto)
June 18th to 22nd, Vibrant Matter – Open Practice at Espaço Mira (Porto), from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.


Production       With the support of